Fall Leaf Removal 

When dealing with fall leaves in Bella Vista, residents have several options.  

Option 1: Our trash service, Republic Services, offers a Season Program that runs April through November for $95.00 (rate as of 2015) yearly.  They will provide a trash receptacle for your yard waste and pick it up at the curb once weekly.  

Option 2: As a resident of Bella Vista, you can dump at one of the Property Owner's Association's Stump Dumps for free.  On the East side of Bella Vista, this would be Frederick's Stump Dump.  On the West side of Bella Vista this would be the Highland's Stump Dump.

Option 3: Residents in Bella Vista are allowed to burn their leaves in a controlled burn as long as the City of Bella Vista is not currently under a burn ban.  All controlled burn bans need to be logged with the Bella Vista Fire Department.  Call 479-855-3771 to log controlled burn and to ensure Bella Vista is not under a burn ban.  Items that can be burned are leaves, brush, tree branches, and clippings.  Due to state law, items that can not be burned are household trash, construction waste, lumber or wood, scraps, tires, or chemicals.  

the Tulsa National Weather Service explains storm structures, technology, tornadoes, and safety in extreme situations.  The job of Storm Spotter is not for the weak at heart!   

The amount of snow is a common concern to those visiting during winter months or those thinking of moving to Bella Vista.  Bella Vista typically gets several snow storms each year.  Generally, it falls quickly, covers everything, but melts within a few days.  Due to the topography of Bella Vista, most residents plan to stay in-doors and travel only if necessary during this type of weather event.  The state, county, and city do treat the roads prior to a snow event and then grade the roads afterwards.         

December 2015 Flooding Event 

This Christmas week storm brought heavy rain and flooding over 3 days.  The rains filled the low lying flood plains, covering the three valley golf courses and park areas in Bella Vista. The golf courses will be temporarily shut down until bridges along the cart paths can be inspected and debris can be removed. The lakes filled to capacity, causing heavy drainage in the spillways.  Flood waters caused 14 road closures in Bella Vista.  Many locations picked up 6-11 inches of rainfall. No homes were in the path of the high waters and no one was injured during this event.   

The flooding brought out scores of people who were out to take pictures and video of the swollen creeks and overflowing spillways. Residents were asked to exercise extreme caution when encountering flooded roadways and not to drive into them.    

Photo compliments of D. R. Keck Photography

Become a Storm Spotter!

Storm Spotters monitor the skies during severe weather and provides first-hand information to local officials and the Tulsa National Weather Service. They are the eyes and ears for all of us, often reporting their first-hand reports from their vehicles in real event time. Classes in Northwest Arkansas are generally free, open to everyone and sponsored by our local new station KNWA.  During class, a meteorologist from 

Weather Alert Systems 

Due to extreme temperature highs and lows, Spring brings severe weather.  Bella Vista does not have sirens to notify residents of severe weather.  Instead, you must seek one of the following methods to warn your family about impending severe weather.   

One option is to sign up for the BC Alert Emergency Notification System.  This emergency alert system warns Benton County residents about dangerous weather, emergency road closures and is a free service offered through county.  The public or safety / emergency managers send the official notifications by text, email, cell phone, home phone, or fax.  You can choose what type of communication you wish to receive and choose block out times if you have times throughout the day that you do not wish to get notifications.  To sign up visit, www.bcalert.com.  

Another option is to maintain a NOAA Weather Radio.  Alerts, watches, forecasts come from the Tulsa National Weather Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   In addition to weather alerts, weather radios give alerts for earthquakes, avalanches, chemical or oil spills, AMBER alerts, and 911 Telephone outages.  

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