Bella Vista Neighbors - Bella Vista Arkansas Utility Services 

Village Waste Water (Sewer)  

380 Bella Vista Way, Bella Vista, AR 72714
Phone:(479) 855-7613

Propane Services

Benton County Propane -  Phone:(479) 787-6009
Tri - State Propane - Phone:(479) 787-5400

Cox Communication (Phone, Cable, Internet Provider)

2603 W Pleasant Grove Rd #110, Rogers, AR 72758
(479) 254-3459

Option 3: Residents in Bella Vista are allowed to burn their leaves in a controlled burn as long as the City of Bella Vista is not currently under a burn ban.  All controlled burn bans need to be logged with the Bella Vista Fire Department.  Call 479-855-3771 to log controlled burn and to ensure Bella Vista is not under a burn ban.  Items that can be burned are leaves, brush, tree branches, and clippings.  Due to state law, items that can not be burned are household trash, construction waste, lumber or wood, scraps, tires, or chemicals. 

Republic Services (Trash Collection)  

Bella Vista City Hall at 876-1255 
Republic Services Customer Service at 855-4226

Carroll Electric 

707 SE Walton Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712
Phone:(479) 273-2421

Centerton Water & Sewer District  

500 Keller Road / PO Box 366
Centerton, AR 72719-0366
Phone:(479) 795-0222

Leaf Removal Options

When dealing with fall leaves in Bella Vista, residents have several options.  

Option 1: Our trash service, Republic Services, offers a Season Program that runs April through November for $95.00 (rate as of 2015) yearly.  They will provide a trash receptacle for your yard waste and pick it up at the curb once weekly.  

Option 2: As a resident of Bella Vista, you can dump at one of the Property Owner's Association's Stump Dumps 
for free.  On the East side of Bella Vista, this would be Frederick's Stump Dump.  On the West side of Bella Vista this would be the Highland's Stump Dump.

Bella Vista Water Department (Bella Vista Property Owner's Association)  

51 Huntley Lane, Bella Vista, AR, 72715
(479) 855-5085