The State of Arkansas held a contest in 1912 for its residents to enter a design to be used as the state flag.  The flag design was chosen from 65 entries and the flags design was finalized in 1926.  The Arkansas State Flag has a red background. A large blue-bordered white diamond represents the diamond gemstone, and Arkansas place as the only diamond bearing state in the Union.  The 25 white stars around the border of the diamond represents that Arkansas was the 25th state to join the union.  The blue star above “ARKANSAS” represents the Confederate States of America, which Arkansas joined in secession.  The three stars below "ARKANSAS" have three separate meanings.  First, the three nations to which Arkansas has belonged, Spain, France, and the United States.  Second, The Louisiana Purchase, which brought Arkansas into the U.S., was signed in 1803. Third, Arkansas was the third state, after Louisiana and Missouri, formed from the Louisiana Purchase.  The two outer, upward-pointing stars of the three are the twin stars representing the twin states of Arkansas and Michigan.  They were admitted together on June 15, 1836. 

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State of Arkansas History

​Arkansas was occupied by Native Americans for over 11,000 years before the first Europeans visited in 1541.  The Quapaws, Sioux, were the early tribe in the area and they gave the area a name, acansa, which meant South Wind.  In 1682 the territory was claimed by LaSalle in the name of France.  He wrote the name of the territory as Arkensa. The first permanent European settlement, named Arkansas Post, soon followed.  In 1803, the United States purchased the Louisianna Territory from France.  In 1819 the territory was organized.  Arkansas was admitted as the 25th state to the Union on June 15, 1836.  

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