Kingsdale Pool

Kingsdale Park was built in 1970 and the first recreational amenity built in Bella Vista.  The Kingsdale Pool has a 23 meter multi-use swimming pool which accommodates all swimming lessons and general swimming. The pool is 3 feet deep on the shallow end and 5 feet deep on the deep end.  It also has a one story slide.  The 17 meter adult pool is 3 feet deep on the shallow end and 5 feet deep on the deep end.  The adult pool offers 4 different aerobics classes and adult swimming. The 10 meter wading pool has a consistent depth of 1 foot. 

Metfield Pool

The Metfield Park was built in 1980 by Cooper Communities Inc. in Bella Vista  The multi-use pool is the center of the Park and is 3 feet deep on the shallow end and 5 feet deep on the deep end.  This pool includes a 2 story tube slide.  The wading pool has a zero depth entry up to 2 feet.  The pool is open during the summer season, Memorial Day to Labor Day.  The hours are Monday through Friday, 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM.​

Data on this page was compliments of Bella Vista Property Owner's Association.

Bella Vista Swim Team

Bella Vista Property Owners Association offers youth, ages 5 to 18, an opportunity to be part of the Bella Vista Recreational Swim Team.  To qualify for the team you must be able swim, freestyle, 25 yards without stopping.  Equipment swimmers will need includes; goggles, caps for girls, towels, and sunscreen.  Swim meet schedule is announced at the beginning of every season.  

Bella Vista Swim Lessons

Bella Vista Property Owners Association offers swim lessons for children, ages 3 and older.  Lessons are offered at the Kingsdale and Metfield swimming pools in both the morning and evenings.  Swim sessions are generally, Monday through Friday, and one week long.  Lessons for adults, ages 18 and older are offered for technique and training.  

Branchwood Pool

The Branchwood Recreation Center was built in 1982 by Cooper Communities Inc.  This center houses Bella Vista’s only indoor 15-meter pool which is heated to 86 degrees.  The shallow end at 3 feet and the deep end at 5 feet. All year the pool offers water aerobics classes, lap swimming, water walking and open swimming for children and families.

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