Bella Vista Police Department

​105 Town Center, Bella Vista, AR 72714
(479) 855-3771  For an emergency, CALL 911.

​The Bella Vista Police Department was established in 2007 following incorporation as a city earlier that year.  Prior to incorporation, the department functioned as a Bella Vista satellite office for the Benton County Sheriff’s Office for 26 years. Today, the department is staffed by 26 sworn officers and 12 civilian employees, who provide police services, animal control and emergency dispatch services for police, fire, and ambulance citywide.

The Bella Vista Police Department is comprised of three divisions: Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Communications. There should be a seamless transition between the three when needed.

Safest Place to Live in Arkansas

Bella Vista rated #2 10 Safest Cities in Arkansas by Safe Choice Security News.

10 Safest Cities in Arkansas

Bella Vista rated #3 10 Safest Cities in Arkansas by

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Safest Cities in America

Bella Vista Rated #16 by ADT.

Safest Cities in Arkansas 2016

Bella Vista Ranks 3rd in Arkansas as the Safest City.  

Vacation House Watch, sponsored by the Bella Vista Police Department

Vacation House Watch is a free service designed to monitor residents’ homes while they are away on vacation. To register for the program, stop by the police department or call 479-855-3771 to leave your information.  You will need to furnish your name, address, dates of your vacation, your phone number in case of emergency, and other information such as whether you leave a light on or if cars will be parked in your driveway. Patrol officers will be given the information, and then when they aren’t busy answering calls, they will patrol your street and check your home.

Operation Good Morning, sponsored by the Bella Vista Police Department

Operation Good Morning is a program designed to help senior citizens, those with disabilities, or those living alone to feel safe at home.  Operation Good Morning generates an automated phone call each morning to members at a designated time of his or her choosing between 5 to 10 AM daily, 7 days a week. If the member answers the phone, the system will register that as a completed call for that day. If not, the system will alert dispatch, and a dispatcher will place a second call to member.  If call goes unanswered, the dispatcher will send a police officer to find out what is wrong.  This program is available to anyone, no matter the age, and is free of charge.

For more information, call 479-855-3771.