Saving is easy with our Bella Vista Neighbors Discount Program.  Local Bella Vista Merchants partner with the Bella Vista Neighbors to offer it's members a monthly discount on services or goods.  

To participate in program you must...

  • Be a subscribing member to the Bella Vista Neighbors Discount Program.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older.

Members are identified as participating in the program one of two ways.  Each participating member is given a membership card to carry with them to display to merchant before discount is given.  Participating members are also offered a bumper sticker to place on their car.    

After Members subscribe, they receive their membership cards in the mail at the address they provide when signing up.  

Monthly discounts are announced on the first of each calendar month via subscription e-mail.  

Bella Vista Neighbors Discount Program is subject to change or termination at any time.   


Do you own a business and would like to become a

Bella Vista Neighbors Discount Program?

Our discount program is simple, you as a business member would give members of our group an exclusive discount. The discount you choose to give is your choice and there is no other fee to be part of the program.  Discounts are given for one calendar month.  

Changing your monthly discount is easy.  On the 25th of each month you will be sent an email asking what discount you would like to give the following month. You have from the 25th to the end of the current calendar month to send any discount changes. If no changes are submitted, the same discount will be sent out to the membership for the following month.

Our members subscribe to the Bella Vista Neighbors Program.  Once they subscribe, they are issued a membership card which they show you to get the discount. The members do not pay either.  This Program is about connecting the membership to local business.  We believe in the Buy Local / Shop Local mindset.    

Our discount business partners are allowed to advertise in the Bella Vista Neighbors Facebook Group once a week.

All you need to do to become a Bella Vista Neighbors Discount Partner is fill out the Discount Program Partner sign up!   

Bella Vista Neighbor Discount Program