Cooper Elementary School (Kindergarten through Fourth Grade)

Cooper Elementary School is located in Bella Vista and serves 700-750 students in grades Kindergarten through fourth. Cooper opened its doors in 2007 and is one of twelve public elementary schools in Bentonville School ​​​District.  Cooper Elementary School serves only a portion of the Bella Vista Elementary Students.  Bella Vista Elementary Students not attending Cooper will attend one of the other eleven Elementary Schools within the district. 

Cooper Elementary Creed

I am a BRONCO. I believe that I can learn. There is a new adventure around every turn. Working together, we can achieve any task. There are no questions I feel I can’t ask. Where a teacher is a mentor, a classmate, a friend. We lead by example and this message we send, By being respectful and learning we are set free. Our education’s foundation starts at Cooper Elementary

Bentonville High School (Ninth through Twelvth) 

Old High Middle School (Fifth & Sixth Grade)  

Bentonville School District (Public School)

Mission Statement:

Bentonville Public Schools is committed to excellence in all we do through innovative, inspiring learning experiences.

Washington Jr. High School (Seventh & Eighth Grade) 

Bentonville High School Ranks 2nd in Arkansas

Bentonville High Ranks 2nd In Arkansas and #837 Nationwide. 

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